Specialising in electrolysis for over 30 years, Julie will keep those unwanted hairs at bay. Using various techniques by Apilus computerised needle epilation each individual hair is removed from the dermal papilla, resulting in permanently reduced hair growth on the face and body.

Delivering a fast, powerful, comfortable and effective result

Consultation and test patch  £30.00
10 Minutes £15.00
20 Minutes  £20.00
30 Minutes  £25.00
45 Minutes  £35.00
60 Minutes £45.00


Intense pulsed light uses a focused, broad-spectrum light that when applied to the skin by a hand-held wand,  itfires light through the skin, striking the melanin at the root/bulb/dermal papilla.

As the light is converted to heat energy, the bulb and most of the hair shaft are instantly vaporised.

Over all producing a reduction in hair growth over time.  Treatment frequency varies upon hair in different zones on the body and type of hair growth.  Usually a minimum of 6-10 treatments are required to reach a good result.

Consultation and Test Patch £30.00
Upper Lip £25.00
Chin £30.00
Central Brow £15.00
Central + Top Brow £35.00
Face (both Cheeks) £45.00
Full Face £75.00
Beard Line £45.00/£75.00
Chest £100.00
Back £150.00
Standard Bikini £50.00
Brazilian Bikini £75.00
Hollywood Bikini £100.00
Underarm £50.00
Half Arms £80.00
Full Arms £150.00
Half Legs £150.00
Full Legs £250.00
Odd small patches £5.00 per shot
Prices vary on an individual basis, size of area and condition

A combination of warm/strip wax and hot/hard wax is used dependent on hair type and growth to provide you with a wax service of the highest degree.

Half Leg  £18.00
Three Quarter Leg £22.00
Full Leg  £27.00
Bikini Line (standard)  £15.00
Bikini Line (g-string/high bikini)  £20.00
(all off or V-strip/landing strip) 
£28.00 price may vary depending
size of area needing waxing, eg buttockstoo
Underarm  £10.00
Arms  £15.00
Lip  £8.00
Chin  £10.00
Eyebrows £10.00
Nostrils  £10.00